Tips on Choosing Electronic Pet Doors

If you have decided to install an electronic dog door in your house, you may be sure that there is a great variety of options in the market for you to choose from. This type of pet doors is made somewhat differently from the flap doors. They are more grooved, and are able to reduce draft, as well as the loss of air conditioning and heating. They operate due to the electric power and a special sensor that is attached to the dog's collar. This will allow your pet to enter the house and leave it whenever it wishes.

It's important to adjust the distance and the opening until the dog becomes familiar with the new door. This door is produced from transparent golden brown lexan and has a strong, black aluminum frame that is anodized. The interior plate of the door is manufactured from textured acrylic you can paint black for it to match the color of the exterior trim plate. Electronic dog doors operate on 115 volts of electric current. The kit includes the power cord, as well as two sensor keys and an attachable clip for the dog's collar. Being of different sizes the sensors are meant for smaller and bigger pets.

You can install these doors almost anywhere - from sliders, doors, walls, to French windows. They can be easily installed on your own as this do-it-yourself project requires minimum skills and tools. The modern market also offers electronic doors produced from unbreakable lexan with the setting that can be realized in four possible ways. The setting includes batteries, a breakaway collar and a lock that operates only in one direction that can be sometimes a disadvantage.

One type of electronic dog doors is infrared pet doors that are widely used by pet owners all over the country. These doors are known for their own advantages one of which is the ability to add more security and safety to your house. Besides, these doors can't be open by other pets or even wild animals from outside. Purchasing an infrared dog door, you're expected to receive a collar for your pet, two infrared keys, and an optional power transformer. The latter gives an opportunity to save money on batteries by using regular power for the door that is just perfect for smaller dogs. These doors can be installed onto doors which should be maximum two inches deep, or on glass or walls.

Most of the electronic doors are characterized by common features. All of them include magnetic collar keys which often restrict the dog's movements, but it doesn't always mean that it's a disadvantage. Almost all of them can be fitted on a glass, door, or a wall. There is also the kind of a door that has to be installed onto a panel - they are known as electronic panel doors. They have some common features with other electronic doors, but they need to be fitted into an assembled panel. The panels of a larger size may vary in height greatly. So you should be very careful choosing the necessary door. Small and medium-sized doors include collar keys. And smaller keys are more suitable for cats and can be purchased for extra usage.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that you're free to choose the electronic dog door you consider the most suitable for you, but try to demonstrate maximum responsibility in this uneasy task. By the way, it doesn't matter which type of doors you will select - an electronic dog door or an infrared dog door - what really matters is the convenience of the chosen door. It should be convenient not for you only but for your dog as well.