Pyrenean Shepherd Temperament and Lifespan

Pyrenean Shepherd is a sensitive and independent dog, at the same time it is kind and willing to please its master. This dog is true French: rigid and harsh methods of training and education are not suitable for it, but the strict fair coach will be awarded with the full recognition and respect of the Shepherds. As Shar Pei, Pyrenean dog has a dignity that does not allow it to look down on others.

It is active and energetic dog. Pyrenean Shepherd cannot be locked up. You can often hear its voice. Be sure to find a mess in your house if you leave it alone. The main features of the dog's character are courage and sensitivity, this is the true friend that can support in difficult moments and can present you a lot of fun in the moments of joy. Usually the dogs live about 12-15 years.

How Much Does a Pyrenean Shepherd Cost and Price Range

If you want to have Pyrenean Shepherd as your pet, you should be ready to pay about $500-$800. The price may vary depending on the pet quality or the show quality puppy and the breeder you are going to buy it from. Signs of the foul-up may be weak legs, lethargy, aggression, not black nose, erect ears, curly hair, standing upright tail, non-standard height.

Pyrenean Shepherd Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

You can meet various colours of this breed: deer, mask, saddle, gray, black. Their height at the withers: males - from 39 to 47 cm, females - from 38 to 46 cm. The males weigh up to 15 kg, females - up to 7 kg.

Pyrenean Shepherd Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Homeland of this dog is France. Pyrenean Shepherd is recognized as the oldest French breed. This is a faithful dog, cheerful and hardworking. Historically, the working dogs of this breed have helped people in grazing cattle and were used to protect the farm property. The history of Pyrenean Shepherd is unknown, it is believed that it originated from the local herding dogs in the valley of the Pyrenees and didn't leave this place until the 19th century.

Officially, the Pyrenean Shepherd was presented to the world only in 1927 at the Paris exhibition, since then its role in helping people became more responsible. For example, during the Second World War, this breed was used to look for wounded soldiers.

For centuries, Pyrenean Shepherd, grazing cattle in the highlands has helped the dog to produce stamina, in addition, it has developed a strong immune system, resistant to stress and disease. Despite its small size, Pyrenean Shepherd is very brave and courageous, these qualities make it suitable for guarding and herding service. Although Pyrenean Shepherd is quite sensitive, they have a strong character and a strong will, which they require from the master as well. The training should take place in severity.