King Shepherd Temperament and Lifespan

King Shepherd is a great guard. They are friendly enough for strangers. In case of provocation or danger a dog will defend the host without thinking.

King Shepherd enjoys playing with the child. She is very kind and gentle with them. The shepherd is a confident, strong dog, which has a balanced nervous system and stable psyche.

King Shepherd is well trained, committed and trying to please the owner. It is very important for this breed to communicate with the owner and family members. It loves attention very much. The life expectancy of a King Shepherd breed is about 10-13 years but everything depends on the living conditions.

How Much Does a King Shepherd Cost and Price Range

The price for a King Shepherd may vary from $700 to $1500 depending on the breeder's location and the dog's quality. The show class dogs cost more than the other two types: the pet and the breed quality dogs. Choose the type which you need according to your intentions. Pay the higher price for the show quality dog in case you would like to take part in the dogs' exhibitions. If you are not going to take your dog anywhere, then look for the pet quality dog which is not worse but it can't be allowed to participate in the dog shows.

King Shepherd Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Height of the dog breed is usually about 64 - 74 cm, weight is 41 - 69 kg. The colour of the dog may be red, sand, yellow with black.

King Shepherd Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

King Shepherd is a relatively young breed. It was bred by American breeders Shelley Watts and David Cross. The main aim was to make a bold, intelligent dog that can graze sheep herd and run fast with great stamina.

The main breed in the breeding of the royal sheep dog was a German shepherd that was interbred with Alaskan Malamute and Great Pyrenees dog. It is therefore not surprising that the royal shepherd looks similar to the long-haired German Shepherd. The popularity of the royal Shepherd grew slowly but steadily, and the official club of the breed was established in 1995. Royal Shepherd quickly proved its usefulness in the work of the police and security.