Grav Labs Mini Hammer Bubbler Review

The Official Review of The GRAV Labs Mini Bubbler

We’re going to review on some glass so the guys over at 420 Section, the online head shop, actually sent me this GRAV Labs Mini Hammer Bubbler. This thing is absolutely awesome so let’s jump into the review. This unit does have a downstem which also has an integrated diffuser.

Grav Labs BubblerIn this case, you are going to be getting a little bit of diffusion by using the piece. Although, it’s not going to be that natural diffusion which goes through the bottom of a bong or dab rig. We actually do have several slits within the downstem to give us a little bit of diffusion. Moving on to the bowl; the bowl of this bubbler is actually decently sized. I would say you could probably fit about .2 grams of marijuana in there and it is also pretty easy to pack. You can actually fit a good amount of herb into it and its really easy to clean. It’s not going to be something you’re going to have to worry about you know that cleaning it probably took me two minutes in total. My friends and I have used it for a couple days straight so it was nice and dirty but the cleanup it was simple! I just used a little bit alcohol in combination with a little bit of salt and it was completely clean.

We are comparing in this bubbler to a lighter and as you may have noticed this bubbler is not that big which is perfect for users who are looking at portability. What i like about this bubbler is that if you really want to use it on the go, which is probably what I’m going to use it for, it’s perfect!

One thing we noticed with this unit was that it featured a small mouth piece. It actually does have a wide gap within the actual mouth piece. The smaller hole is going to make it so if you do happen to suck any like water or marijuana up into this little chamber. You’re not going to actually get into your mouth but types like this especially small pipes that have any kind of diffusion really are going to give you some really interesting different nice flavor.

Next talk about how well it sits on a table or flat surface. There are these two little balls which pretty much makes it so it perfectly sits flat on almost any surface and it’s not going to follow over. Usually, it’s really easy for a small type like this to fall over. Maybe you place it down and your rig is not stable so it falls over onto the ground and breaks. That is not the case with this bubbler because it is a pretty solid piece of glass. Another cool feature about this piece is the logo of the brand which is located on the front. It does have a frosted GRAV Labs logo on it anyone who has purchased accessories to smoke marijuana knows that glass which features a logo is going to be a bit pricey. This is actually a very well priced item and I believe it’s priced just about forty dollars. Realistically, if you purchase a piece like this one, you’re going to use for years upon years to come. Any good piece of glass like this is really worth the extra couple dollars because one you get a logo on the front you know you’re getting a piece of glass that you’re not going to have to worry about breaking.

Final Thoughts

I think I will be using this marijuana bubbler pretty often and it is going to be my new on-the-go piece. If I need to like run of the house and I don’t have time to smoke I could probably throw this in my car and whenever I get a free moment just step outside and take a quick hit! It’s simple, it’s easy, and it works! Which is exactly what I’m looking for glass when I purchase a new glass product to smoke weed out of. I There is no doubt that I would consider this to be an effective piece and the only reason I’m not giving it a 10 out of 10 is because there’s a lot of other glass products which are more functional than this but for a bubbler it’s definitely a high-ranking product!

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